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Want to lose weight, have a brighter smile, and better skin? Here you go.

Give up diet soda. In fact, give up all soda.  It's not your friend.     Read this article from PopSugar to give you a little inspiration! ***CLICK HERE***...
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PICS: My Ski Trip

For the first time since my daughter was born my husband and I went away. Alone. And seeing as my kiddo will turn 5 this weekend, it was LONG OVERDUE! So, when we decided to take a trip for...
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VIRAL: This gymnast is an internet sensation. WOW!

Not only does she score a near perfect score... but UCLA athlete Sophina Dejesus rocked about every popular dance move in this routine!  Watch her whip, nae, nae, dab, and hit the quan all...
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The HOT shoe trends for 2016

Start stocking up now!  The hottest shoe trends for 2016 are here and are giving me serious shoe envy!  Get ready to get your shop on!   1.  Heeled Mules 2. ...
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These are the MOST COMMON Parenting mistakes.

No parent is perfect. In fact, I'm sure I screw it up multiple times a day. But I'm doing my best.  I always try to read up on parenting blogs, emails, etc when I can. This one caught my...
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Does deodorant mess with your body?

When I was pregnant I stopped using deodorant... and don't hate me, but I haven't used it since. Yep. true. It completely baffles my husband but I don't miss it, and thankfully... I don't smell...
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Since I work through the holidays, I get my winter break a little late. That time is now. I'll be back on Tuesday... hopefully in one piece. Until then... you can follow along on Facebook,...
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Here come the best commercials of the year, thank you SUPER BOWL! And here is an early favorite... the Heinz Ketchup Hot Dog Stampede.     Go ahead... watch all that...
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Keep it easy! Foods you cook once and eat all week.

TIME SAVER!! How would you like to make one meal and have it last all week. Well, this is pretty close.   Did you know you can cook meatballs, grilled chicken, and even sweet...
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Let your face BREATH, one day a week.

Who doesn't love a make up free Sunday?! Turns out, it is good for your skin too.     So, put down the make up and embrace the clean faced you. Your complexion will thank...
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